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Rachel Elizabeth Fendrich (better known as R. E. Fendrich or just Fendrich) is the overarching antagonist of LEGO City Adventures. He is a businessman and a crime lord. He is also the arch-rival of Mary Sinclair. He has a criminal gang formed by Hacksaw Hank, Vito, Big Betty, Frankie Lupelli, and Clara.


Little is known about Fendrich's early life. Fendrich's great grandfather Bugsy once stole a diamond and tried to hide the diamond in an old in a secret vault in a magician's club but Bugsy slipped and fell into the vault, locking him inside forever. When Fendrich was born his parents named him "Rachel Elizabeth" since they were expecting a girl.

Fendrich has a strong hatred of Mary Sinclair and her family and often gets into heated arguments with her over which one of their families founded the city and the fact that Mary Sinclair is one of the very few people who knows that Fendrich is a criminal.

At one point Fendrich married Tippy Doreman's mother, becoming his step father. Tippy grew to love Fendrich as family, although Fendrich doesn't seem to love or care about his stepson and is embarrassed that his stepson works as a doorman yet he uses this to get information from the citizens Tippy interacts with. He also has a criminal empire and while the city is starting to grow suspicious of Fendrich, he always manages to cover his tracks.


Fendrich is extremely greedy and selfish and doesn't seem to care about anybody but himself and his feud with Mary Sinclair.


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  • Tippy's mother is never seen with Fendrich nor mentioned and he lives alone so it is likely that they divorced or Tippy's mother died.
  • He is under strict doctor's orders to not get his eyebrows sticky.
  • He is a TV show only minifigure and is yet to appear in any sets.


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